Dance Portraiture


Let Peter Solari Photography capture those most important moments when your dancers are at their very bestů

Here's how it works:

We utilize portable studio equipment, which allows for dance photographs to be taken right at your recital location.


Individual Dance Portraits - you will need to provide us photographing time before or during the dress rehearsal (1 1/2 - 2 hours, depending on how many students) and a 14'x 16' (minimum) area to set up our portable studio. Dance students will complete a registration form, selecting from several photograph packages and bring the registration form and payment with them to the photo session. We can also schedule sitting appointments during this time, if desired. Special pricing is provided for these packages. There is no other cost to your dance studio. We require a minimum of 40 registrants.

Group Photographs of each dance class will be taken prior to the start of the Dress Rehearsal. We usually photograph these on stage. We will provide you, at no charge, a 4"x6" color photograph of each group (requires that Individual Dance Portraits be taken in conjunction with groups).

Live-on-Stage photographs can be taken during Dress Rehearsal. There is an hourly charge for this service. We will provide your studio with a 4"x6" color photograph of every picture that we take.

Additional Photographs of Dance Portraits, Group Shots and Live-on-Stage of any size or finish can be ordered after the Dress Rehearsal at our regular pricing. We also provide an Internet Website,, which features on-line Previewing. You will be able to view and order your Group and Live-on-Stage photos on-line!


Individual Dance Portraits






Group Photographs



If you need any further information, pricing or would like to reserve your date for your fall or spring Dance Portraiture session, please call the studio at (860) 465-6582. You can also email us at


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